Train to become an Approved Driving Instructor


Yes you can train to become an Approved Driving Instructor!

Enjoy the benefits that come with being a self-employed Driving Instructor!

• Work the hours you want

• An easy to run business

• The satisfaction of teaching a lifelong skill

Why choose us?

You're right! There are many organisations offering ADI training, and it's hard to know where to start. When you approach a prospective trainer ask them these questions:-

<> Is the trainer ORDIT (Official Record of Driving Instructor Training) registered ? This is a register of training providers that have been approved by the DVSA (the people that set the qualification tests). ORDIT registered trainers are regularly inspected and offer training to a consistent professional standard.

<> Dont be fooled! It's not easy becoming an ADI. Preparing for the Part 3 exam is especially challenging with a pass rate of approximately 30%. There is no such thing as a 'gauranteed pass', it takes hard work, practice and a good trainer!

<> Does the trainer offer one-to-one training? Some trainers offer a 'two trainee to one trainer' facility. We offer only one-to-one.

<> Are there any franchise obligations? Some driving schools offer to pay your training fees back to you, but on condition that you take out a minimum period franchise with them once qualified. After your initial 40hours training, we will help to link you up with local driving schools looking for trainee instructors, enabling you to teach real pupils and get valuable experince. Earning whilst you're learning! 

<> Finally...Is your trainer an ex DVSA Examiner? Steve worked as an examiner for ten years and conducted over 15000 driving tests, including the ADI Part 2/3 tests. 

Don’t take a gamble when it comes to your training and your money. Train with a DVSA, ORDIT approved ADI trainer who, as an ex DVSA ADI examiner has actually conducted the qualification tests!

To accompany a learner driver, you must:

• be 21 or over

• be qualified to drive the same category of vehicle that you are supervising them in

• have had a full licence for that category of vehicle for at least 3 years

To legally charge anyone money (or monies worth) for driving instruction in a car, you must either:

• be on the ADI register

• have a trainee driving instructor licence

It is illegal to charge someone for driving lessons if you are not qualified and registered, or if you do not have a trainee driving instructor licence.

Check DVSA website for registration requirements and apply to become an ADI.

You will need to get a new Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check to start your application, even if you already have one.

Once your application is accepted you can begin the qualification process. This is covered extensively on the DVSA website.

Part One – Theory and Hazard Perception test

This is mainly self- study using DVSA reference material. There are also many online references that may be used, including the DVSA website. We are also always available to help you with any queries you may have.

Part Two – Driving Test (up to three attempts)

Ten hours of one- to- one in- car training covering all test requirements, and designed to help you reach the required standard and feel confident with all the essential skills and knowledge to become a top grade ADI. (£450)*

Part Three – Instructional ability Test (up to three attempts)

A 40 hour training course, split over 4 to 6 weeks (depending on availability) and covering all aspects of driving instruction.  Delivered through a mix of one- to- one and home study, by ORDIT registered ADI trainer and ex DVSA examiner Steve Corrall. Designed to fully prepare you to give quality instruction and to take the Part Three test.  (£1950)*

Trainee Licence - You will now have the opportunity to apply for a pink Trainee Licence and become a Potential Driving Instructor (PDI) After your initial 40hours training, we will link you up with local driving schools looking for trainee instructors enabling you to teach real pupils and get valuable experince. Earning whilst you're learning!** 

Driving Instructor giving a lesson

Driving Instructor giving a lesson

All training is delivered by Steve Corrall, an ex DVSA driving examiner and ORDIT registered ADI trainer with twenty years industry experience.

All training is a mix of practical one-to-one, and home-study, quality tuition.  You will also be given a lesson by lesson recap with objectives.

* Extra training may be required if candidates are not successful on the first attempt for Part 2 and Part 3 exams. This will be charged at £45 per hour. Fees for ADI and PDI licences and tests are not included and are paid directly to DVSA.

**To satisfy the conditions of the Trainee Licence, a further 20 hours of training needs to be taken before sitting the Part 3 exam. This training may be taken with CDIT if required.